Meet The Doctors

Dr. S Kaur

Pine Grove Location

We are delighted to shine a spotlight on Dr. Kaur, a distinguished dentist whose unwavering commitment to dental excellence has left an indelible mark on the smiles of Pine Grove, CA, for the past 12 years.

With a passion for oral health and a dedication to personalized patient care, Dr. Kaur has become a cornerstone of dental wellness in our community. Her journey in dentistry reflects not only years of experience but a genuine concern for the well-being of her patients.

Nestled in the heart of Pine Grove, Dr. Kaur's practice is a haven where smiles are crafted, maintained, and celebrated. Beyond the pristine walls of her clinic, she has built a reputation for fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that each patient feels at ease from the moment they step through the door.

Dr. Kaur's expertise extends across a spectrum of dental services, from routine check-ups to advanced treatments. Her commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry reflects her dedication to providing state-of-the-art care, ensuring that her patients receive the best possible treatment options.

As a beloved member of the Pine Grove community, Dr. Kaur's impact goes beyond the dental chair. Her genuine interest in her patients' well-being extends to educating them about the importance of maintaining optimal oral health, empowering them to make informed decisions about their dental care.

Join us in celebrating Dr. Kaur, a dentist whose skill, compassion, and community spirit have made a lasting impression on Pine Grove. For 12 years and counting, she has been transforming smiles and lives, embodying the true essence of dental care with a personal touch.

Dr. J Maret

Pine Grove Location

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Dr. J. Maret, a highly skilled and compassionate associate dentist who has contributed her expertise to the esteemed Kaur Family Dentistry in Pine Grove, CA.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for patient-centered care, Dr. Maret has seamlessly become an integral part of the dental team, bringing her unique blend of skill and empathy to the practice. Her journey in dentistry has been marked by a dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements, ensuring that her patients receive the highest standard of dental care.

As a valued member of Kaur Family Dentistry, Dr. Maret has proven to be a true advocate for oral health. Her adeptness in a wide range of dental services, combined with her genuine concern for the well-being of every patient, reflects the ethos of the practice in providing comprehensive and personalized care.

Beyond her technical proficiency, Dr. Maret is known for her warm and approachable demeanor. Patients appreciate her ability to communicate complex dental concepts in an accessible manner, fostering an environment where questions are welcomed, and concerns are addressed with understanding and patience.

Collaborating seamlessly with Dr. Kaur, Dr. Maret contributes to the practice's mission of creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Together, they form a dynamic team dedicated to enhancing the oral health and overall well-being of the Pine Grove community.

Join us in welcoming and celebrating Dr. J. Maret, an associate dentist whose expertise and compassionate approach enrich the quality of care provided at Kaur Family Dentistry. In her capable hands, your smile is not just a reflection of health; it's a testament to the genuine care that defines the heart of this dental practice.

Dr. N Jafarnejad

Jackson Location

Greetings! We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Nahvid Jafarnejad aka Dr. Nav, a proud Sacramento native whose journey from UC Davis to the Western University of Health Sciences has been fueled by an unwavering passion for dentistry and a commitment to patient care.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Sacramento, Dr. Nav embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UC Davis. His dedication to the dental profession took a defining turn during an impactful mission trip to Panama, solidifying his resolve to make a positive difference in the lives of others through dentistry.

Driven by this newfound passion, Dr. Nav immersed himself in an intense post-baccalaureate program at CSU East Bay, laying the groundwork for his future in dentistry. His journey began as a dental assistant, where he discovered the joy of helping patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health—a joy that would become the cornerstone of his career.

With a strong foundation in biology and a wealth of hands-on experience, Dr. Nav pursued his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree at the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. Here, he honed his skills, expanded his knowledge, and emerged as a compassionate dentist dedicated to the well-being of his patients.

Today, we are privileged to have Dr. Nav as a valued member of the Kaur Dental Group in Jackson. His commitment to excellence, paired with a genuine love for patient care, defines the ethos of our practice. From routine check-ups to transformative smile makeovers, Dr. Nav brings skill, compassion, and a Sacramento spirit to every aspect of his work.

Explore our website to learn more about Dr. Nav's dental philosophy, the services he offers, and the warm, patient-focused approach that sets Kaur Dental Group apart. Your smile is not just our priority; it's our passion, and we look forward to being your partners in achieving and maintaining a healthy, radiant smile. Welcome to a world where dentistry meets compassion, and your oral health journey is in expert hands.

Dr. P Sidhu

Plymouth Location

We are delighted to introduce Dr. Sidhu, a seasoned dentist with a comprehensive understanding of all phases of general dentistry. Since 2015, Dr. Sidhu has been dedicated to enhancing the oral health and smiles of her patients, bringing expertise, compassion, and a genuine commitment to community care.

A proud long-term resident of Elk Grove, Dr. Sidhu believes in the power of giving back to the community where she grew up. This ethos is not just a professional commitment but a personal one, rooted in a deep sense of connection and responsibility to the well-being of those around her.

At Kaur Family Dentistry in Plymouth, Dr. Sidhu has found a professional home where her values align seamlessly with the practice's dedication to patient-centered care. Her journey in dentistry is characterized by a genuine passion for helping individuals achieve and maintain optimal oral health, coupled with a warm and approachable demeanor that puts patients at ease.

Dr. Sidhu's expertise spans all facets of general dentistry, ensuring that her patients receive comprehensive and tailored care. From routine check-ups to advanced treatments, she is committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field, providing the highest standard of dental services to the Plymouth community.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Sidhu's ties to Elk Grove create a unique bond with the community she serves. Her belief in the importance of accessible and compassionate dental care resonates in every interaction, making her a trusted and beloved figure among her patients.

Join us in welcoming Dr. Sidhu to Kaur Family Dentistry in Plymouth, where her passion for dentistry, commitment to community, and dedication to patient well-being converge to create a dental experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Your smile is not just a priority; it's a reflection of Dr. Sidhu's commitment to excellence and compassionate care.

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